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Welcome to Bari Banter's Support Group!

Hey Bari Fam! Ready to level up your bariatric journey? Join our incredible support group, where we're all about lifting each other up, no matter where you are on the surgery timeline!

👊 Pre-op or 6 years post, this tribe is YOUR tribe. Find motivation, share your victories and struggles, and connect with fellow warriors in our private Facebook community. It's your space to be inspired and inspire others.

What's in store for you?

✨ Private Facebook Haven: Dive into a world of inspiration, advice, and genuine connections.

✨ Weekly Group Video Calls: Join the banter live, share your wins, and let our contagious energy fuel your journey.

✨ Monthly Expert Sessions: Get insider knowledge from the best in the bariatric biz. Real talk, real experts.

✨ Accountability Partners: Because having a buddy makes the journey a whole lot more fun and successful!

✨ Community Connections: Form bonds, share your go-to recipes, workouts, and book recommendations. We're in this together!

All this for just $7 a month, and we're throwing in the first 30 days for FREE! 🎉 Ready to make the leap? Let's do this!

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